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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Commencing Monday 21st January 2019 Posted on 15 Nov 2019

Listen…… You can reduce your risk of Cervical Cancer

Every day in the UK, nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and three women will lose their lives to the disease. Yet 22% of women do not attend their cervical screening invitation, resulting in 1:4 women not attending their screening test. The National Cervical Screening Campaign has been running for 20 years and public understanding of the importance of cervical screening and the causes of cervical abnormalities, and cervical cancer is low.

Are you due a cervical smear or are you overdue a cervical Smear??

Having difficulty making an appointment at your GP Surgery?

Prefer an alternative location for your smear test?

Call 07814 986176 to make your appointment now.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is a UK-wide initiative led by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. The week aims to highlight the importance of cervical screening (smear test) and how attending a screening invitation can help to prevent cervical cancer. 

Linda Hayes, Cervical Screening Outreach Nurse at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust said: “If you have received an invitation to go for your routine cervical smear then please do not ignore the letter. The test should take no more than 15 minutes and could save your life.”

“It’s really important that we try and raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening and Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is the perfect opportunity to do just that’.

Linda already works across Walsall with a number of GP practices to enable women to take advantage of their screening test but in addition to this, works in an Outreach Capacity and will undertake home visits to women who are unable to access GP appointments. This may be women who are sight impaired, have a learning disability or experience mobility issues.

For further information or a chat in confidence then please contact: Linda on: 01922 602610/07814 986176 or email:

The Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust was established in June 1999 by James Maxwell who was chairman until his death in 2003. In 2010 the charity became incorporated, resulting in a new name Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and a new charity registration number. Figures taken from the official website:

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